Our Company – Wild Civet Coffee

coffee_cupAlamid Café began in 2006.  We are quite fortunate to be able to obtain this very rare and delicious coffee.  Our main office is located in San Francisco, California, and we are the direct importer from the Kalinga region in the Philippines.

Our contact to the Kalinga natives comes through a Philippine gentleman, who spent his early years in the Kalinga region.  He has helped the Kalinga nation for many years and in July 2006 they bestowed upon him the honorary title of “Father of the Kalinga Nation.” Through him the Kalinga tribe has offered this coffee to us on a regular, but extremely limited basis.

Our packaging is made in the United States.  The wood for our wooden boxes comes from a sustainable forest in Oregon and these boxes are made in St. Helena, California.  Our paper boxes are made in Chicago, Illinois, from 100% recycled material, 90% of which is post consumer recycled material.

Alamid Café pays a fair price for its coffee beans.  We also support the protection of wild civets and their forest habitat.

Five percent of Alamid Café’s profits are donated to educational scholarships in the Philippines.

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