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Kalinga Alamid coffee is one of the rarest, most sought-after coffees in the world.women

The coffee is very smooth, low in acid, and has a delicate caramel aftertaste.  There are coffees of this type that come from other parts of the world, but our coffee has its own unique taste which is unlike that of any other region.

Our Alamid coffee comes from high in the mountains of Kalinga in the northern Philippines, where 80% of our beans grow in the wild.


The palm civet, which is known as an alamid or musang in the Philippines, is a nocturnal catlike creature which is related to the mongoose family.  The civets roam freely among the coffee trees, where they dine as often as possible on their favorite food-coffee cherries.

Our friend the civet doesn’t eat just any coffee cherry but has a knack for choosing the ripest and sweetest of the Arabica, Liberica, Exelsa and Robusta beans, thus creating the finest of natural blends.

A fermentation process takes place in the digestive tract of the civet, where stomach enzymes break down proteins in the coffee beans and they are then excreted whole.

The Kalinga natives collect the civet droppings by hand in the wild.  They are then washed in pure spring water and sun-dried in the fresh mountain air. No pesticides or chemicals are used.

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